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【Reservation Only】My Shiroi Koibito [Baked course]

【Reservation Only】My Shiroi Koibito [Baked course]

Number of Shiroi Koibito

[For memories of Shiroi Koibito Park♪]

*The days and times that cannot be selected are fully booked.


This is the only place where you can eat freshly made Shiroi Koibito!

Using the same materials as Shiroi Koibito, you can make a heart-shaped Shiroi Koibito with a size of about 14cm.
Draw with white and black chocolate pens and create your own Shiroi Koibito! !

Please note the following.
For experience,

You also need an "entrance ticket".

If you have not completed the purchase procedure, please make an additional purchase.


*Two adults cannot make one Shiroi Koibito together. For 2 people, please purchase 2 tickets.
*One child under junior high school age can be accompanied by one adult. *If the date or time cannot be selected, it will either not be held or the event will be full.
* Reservations can be made online up to the day before the desired date.

Experience fee 1,500 yen (tax included)
Required time about 1 hour
Open time

10:20, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 15:40

Capacity Up to 12 people per session *Up to 3 groups (up to 4 people per group)
Size Heart shape with a diameter of 14 cm


Suggested expiration date 1 week including the date of preparation ( Please eat as soon as possible)
Experiencer Adults 〇 Children 〇 Infants 〇 Wheelchairs 〇
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This is also recommended.